Here you can find more information about us.


Practicalfriendship.com is a research project on how to enhance friendship in old age specifically and overall in general. 

It is run by Christian Langkamp, who will be a resident in Oxford as of October and researching the topic of 'Friendship maintenance' at the University. Between Dec 2005 and Sep 2020 Christian Langkamp (Linkedin Profile) was a full time employee (Finance and Datascience) of a large German Chemical Company and will rejoin as of Oct 2021 after conclusion of the Sabbatical.

In August 2020 it became clear that the insights reached could be used to drive a platonic matching algorithm, which could help building Corona Support bubbles. It was implemented using Limequery which is a psychometric open source software hosted in Germany and utilized by a large number of universities globally in particular for sensitive data generation in psychology, clinical studies and others. 


The data collection is designed to be at a maximum of data protection generating nothing but a 12 digit PublicID and a 12 AuthCode. These then can be used to join circles, which can be company lunch groups, care home matching groups, meetup groups or other groupings, in order to find other like minded people with whom friendship expectations (gift loves and need loves) match.


Friendship Model

The matching algorithm makes use of the model described in this picture. The background / derivation of the model is described in the paper 'Defining Friendship' on Sagepub.


Data protection policy

  1. This survey will collect data on your friendship expectations, personal friendship style and some hobbies, interest and habits.

  2. The dataset is designed to be anonymous and should not allow to trace individual participants unless specific and intended self disclosure occurs subsequently.  

  3. The survey will collect an expiry date for each dataset, after which it will be blocked for all matching requests. After a year we will also remove all the data from this server. 

  4. As the data is anonymous, I can delete a survey response if you let me know the publicID AND the authentication code twice displayed (both at start and end) within survey. If you chose to submit a phone number or an email address, then a deletion request from that phone number or email will likewise be considered as authenticated.

  5. The data is hosted on the official Limesurvey servers, which are used for a variety of research projects (https://www.limesurvey.org/customer-support/frequently-asked-questions) and thus are GDPR consistent. 

  6. All referential self disclosure will occur via the 2nd questionnaire of 'event registration, organization registration, direct matching request, etc.' and any action will require the use of the Authentication code generated. 

  7. The further anonymized dataset will be used for academic friendship research.

  8. If you have further questions, please direct them to survey -at- practicalfriendship.com



Dr. Christian Langkamp
Commonwealth House, Pembroke Street, Oxford, UK